Friday, January 07, 2011


One of the Washington Post's Bright Young Things --a 2005 UCLA grad in poli sci--recently opined that the Constitution can't be clearly understood because it was written "more than a hundred years ago".

Reminds me of story an old friend of mine told me. He is a religious brother, recently retired from being the superior of his order in the United States. When he was younger and teaching Catholic high school back in the cool and groovy 70's, he was taking his class through the Gospel according to Mark. My friend is a very mellow fellow but when you cross a certain line he becomes less mellow. One of the adolescent boys complained aloud about having to read the Gospel.

"Brother," he said, "this book isn't relevant to me."

My friend replied, "The question is not whether this book is relevant to you. The question is whether you are relevant to it!"

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