Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dimming lights

A friend told me of an aged woman next door to him --who gives away thousands of dollars to neighbors--who asked about the lights on the hills at midnight, put there by "the Jews"...

NCIS has Bob Newhart as an aged and retired pathologist losing his mind from Alzheimer's.

I remember my Dad, how the strokes took away his mind and eventually his life.

Our minds seem to have no body to them. When we think, there's no feeling with it. Not like looking, with the move of an eye. Our senses. The very thing that makes our senses make sense has no sense to go along with it. So it seems magical, angelic, godlike. So fast, seemingly unburdened by time or space.

Though I have my gaps and my limits, my mind can still be very fast. I made a decision the other day which took far longer to explain than to make. The processor can do several calculations very rapidly.

But it's utterly anchored in the body, the brain: flesh and blood. And with age, like the rest of our body...the eyes that have floaters, that need lenses to read text...our minds are our brains.

So vulnerable. To injury, to disease, to simple age. And we can leave before we die.

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