Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Having now driven two hybrid cars and become part of the Saviors of Wounded and Dying Overheated Gaia our Mother...I have been trying out the garbage recycling thing. It's a law in SF and they are starting to enforce it in 2011, with fines, etc.

I consulted the website which details these secular kosher laws and decided I could handle separating out the compostables --basically anything organic or wet that would rot and decompose--- for the green bin and the recyclables: dry paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and metal for the blue bin. The third category, landfill for the black bin, I have little of.

Interesting result so far. In terms of bulk or volume, recyclables constitute most of my garbage. The compostables, though more dense, are pretty small. If I continue this, I'll be using the big green garbage can for the dry paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal and may buy a smaller one for the wet stuff.

Hey, this is not entirely new. For my birthday in 2009, B treated me to a tour of the San Francisco water treatment plant and there I learned how evil it was to flush dental floss down the toilet. Ever since, right in the waste basket. And it belongs in the black bin!

UPDATE JAN 22ND.  My ex, Thom, and his partner came over this afternoon with a gift: an official San Francisco composter. A small plastic oblong container with a handle that allows one to dump one's composting refuse right into it.  His partner said, "Wow. You're becoming a San Franciscan."


Anonymous said...

Hey hippy, turn down the drum circle why don't you?

Leah said...

No mention of the extra fleet and cost to operate all the vehicles necessary to big up a multitude of bins.
We've had this in LA for years, for once we're more progressive than you.

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