Monday, January 31, 2011

A missed (or Ms.'ed) opportunity

Notice of a retreat last year, given by Sisters for their sistahs. I feel so excluded.

Topic: Nurturing What’s Coming to Life Within

A very special time for women, this retreat will be filled with sharing, silence and honoring our own and other women’s processes and stories as sacred and holy. Through prayer, simple body experiences, scripture, rituals, laughter (perhaps a tear), and much encouragement, we will risk recognizing and celebrating what new life is struggling to be born. There will be daily liturgy and opportunities for spiritual direction.

Bring a journal and a willingness to let go of hurt, fear, shame and whatever is no longer serving you to embrace peace, passion, purpose and play. Topics will include: revisioning holiness; midwifing the future; weaving the tapestry of our lives; gathering the fragments; and crossing new thresholds.

Just reading that made my testosterone level plummet.


Anonymous said...

A new topic: Overheating metaphors.

Leah said...

Count me out, as much as I dislike it, I'd rather watch football.

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