Saturday, February 16, 2013

Don't whine, dear

It's not attractive.

I remember that line from some movie, a mother to a daughter during dinner.

Now, of course, an unsympathetic, unsophisticated and unenlightened reader might consider Ex Cathedra a whiner. I prefer to think of myself as a ranter. Anyway, to my point...

Professional Sacred Minority Victim Groups in America (and the rest of the West) gain and maintain much of their power by continuing the narrative of their victimization, even as, or especially as, their actual situation improves. (Notice how, the farther removed we are from slavery, the more we hear about its "legacy?") And White people, the most foolish people on the planet ©, usually buy into this. (And usually only White people.)

It's called enabling: rescuing someone from the effects of their bad behavior so that they never have to take responsibility for it or change it. And with PSMVG's, this means blaming someone else for it and them taking the blame.

Well, ranter though he be, Ex Cathedra dislikes whiners. And White though he be, is unmoved by their piteous cries.

Some Whiners du Jour:

Gays (maybe 3% of the population), --pardon me, The LGBT Community--who have more visibility, acceptance and power than ever before in history, in all of history, have decided that reluctance to go along with the radical project of redefining a basic civilizational institution is just one more example of how they are still victimized by H8. And that bullying is now an Epidemic of Crisis Proportions.

Muslims, (less than 1%!) who are the real victims of 9/11, of course, are supposedly living in constant fear of bigoted jingoist racist Amurrican Islamophobes. People are suspicious of them, wondering if they can be trusted and resent them building mosques down the street from Ground Zero. Horrifying, no? Totally understandable, in the wake of the 9/11 riots and lynchings and murders and burnings of mosques and the shutting down of all Muslim immigration to America....oh, wait. Sorry. None of those things happened. There are twice as many of them now as before the Twin Towers. And the only reason for the grotesqueries of airport security is to avoid offending them. But beware anti-Muslim bigotry. And be sure to feel sorry for them and apologize.

Jews. (2%). My attitude toward Jews, though historically extremely positive, if differentiated, has taken some hits of late. They are a group with hugely disproportionate influence and power and wealth. The vast majority of them are Jewish by genes and culture but have left behind the practice of their ancient and defining religion. And they are wildly of liberal and leftish persuasion. As Reb Dennis Prager laments, they have transferred their messianism from the Messiah to leftwing utopian political and social projects. Plus, as he points out, they have a kneejerk fear/contempt of Christianity and of any national identity based on actual nationality. Which makes them, as a group, inimical to Ex Cathedra's political and social views.

The latest whine? About Downton Abbey. And here we have British Jews complaining, not Americans. The hit series, these individuals whine, does not grant visibility and weight to the anti-semitism of the English, especially the upper classes. Not making the Granthams look bad so that the Hebrews, once more, can be cast as the innocent victims of groundless resentment.*

An example of the narcissism of the PSMVG. How dare you not showcase my "victimization" and make your people look bad!?  In real life, British anti-semitism amounts to basically nothing. I liken it to the anti-semitism faced by upper class American Jews who used to find resistance to their joining the country club. Boo hoo. If freedom of association means anything, why should people have an ethical duty to like people they don't like or trust? But in the wake of how the Nazi attack on Jews has been played out, with the exception of the State of Israel, the Holocaust is the background accusation and threat for any criticism of Jews. (Funny how the same PC folks who excoriate Eurocentrism as a form of White privilege and self-absorption want me to think that the European Holocaust is the fulcrum of history.)

My response: Not everything is about you.

Again, I am astonished at how much energy is spent on such infinitesimal parts of the population. Some days it feel like the tyranny of the minorities.

As I have said before, --and I have seen this as a therapist as well--victims have a tendency to provoke the very behavior that they whine about. Like the nagging wife who is surprised by the husbandly smack to her mouth, --Why did he do that?!--the PSMVGs, building their identity on and basing their power on their victimization, --and your flaw and your failure--forget how deeply annoying they are to those groups they are forever castigating and blaming. Then they wonder why other people hate them.

Take a clue.

*Found a Catholic blog complaining that Thomas the homo butler got off too lightly. Perhaps there should be a line formed...

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