Friday, February 08, 2013

OBTW, cont.

We all know the little nostrum, that "history is written by the victors." As with so many of the nostrums of our culture, --which has pretty much dissolved into a script of nostrums--it pretends to tell us a brave and transgressive truth. We are meant to assume that it is therefore --simply by that fact-- not true. Winning invalidates your moral standing (except when a Liberal wins.) But it's just PR. Like that supposed great evil "second-class citizenship", etc. (Which ExC is in favor of*).

Suppose history were written by the losers? Would that make it truer? Nah. Just different.

*One of the fascinating qualities of the NW Constitution is graded ranks of citizenship. You can be a resident (without vote), and citizens come in three grades, based on accomplishment, which determines the power of your vote and your access to public office. In Robert Heinlein's subversive Star Ship Troopers, only citizens can vote --all others are "civilians"--and citizenship is only acquired by (voluntary) federal service, usually military.


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