Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ex Cathedra Emeritus

The current pope wants to be called Pope Emeritus in his new life as a retired/resigned/abdicated Pontifex Maximus.

I watched the press conference from the Vatican, on the Net, and found the press secretary, a Jesuit named Lombardi, pleasantly easy to understand. He even, I thought, had a bit of a Piedmontese accent. Turns out, Wikipedia tells me he was born in Piedmont, which borders on France. They often speak Italian with a kind of French "r" sound in the back of the throat rather than the soft front of the mouth trilling most Italians use.

More evidence of my useless accomplishments.

So when I finally give up ranting on my blog, I will be Ex Cathedra Emeritus... and also give up my red shoes.


And let's hear the Vox Populi about the successor: Brilliant.

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