Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Tangled Web of VDH on Race

The Tangled Web of Race - National Review Online: "the old racial binaries are fossilized and increasingly irrelevant. The United States is now a multiracial society, an intermarried society, and an integrated society, in which racial identity is each year more confusing."

Saying that we are a multiracial society is just a demographic fact; so was Yugoslavia.
As for integration, in public spaces there is truth to that, but if you look at our neighborhoods, across the country, people still want to live with their own kind. Intermarriage, though celebrated in media to the point of feeling like propaganda, is actually pretty small.

There is a racial binary: White vs Non-White. All built on the ancient White vs Black one.

I am afraid that VDH is just afraid of letting himself admit what's actually happened. The voting demographics of 2012 give the lie to his view.

Non-Whites voted massively for Obama.

Left column: % of the 2012 electorate                              Right column: actual vote % by party

White men only.

Whites, male and female, only

In the final analysis, 90% of Romney's votes came from Whites. 90%

Do the math, VDH. Do the math.

PS. I felt moved to express my frustration to The Man himself in an email:

Dear Dr Hanson, 
I have been a longtime fan of your writing, but I have to say that since the 2012 election, I believe you are refusing to face up to the realities of race in America now. People are not increasingly “confused”, unless they’re White.

The demographics of the last election, as I interpret them, show that the fundamental
divide is between Whites and non-Whites. A few inter-group friendships and marriages
do not alter the massive preference of Blacks, Asians and Latinos for the Democrat
therapeutic-managerial-redistributive state. The only group holding on to the tattered threads of traditional America, represented so very poorly by the Republicans, is Whites. 
And as we know, we are not allowed to assert, celebrate or stand up for our group interests. We are in fact the only group so disallowed.  
Forgive my presumption in saying this both to a Classics scholar and to the author of
Mexifornia, but I doubt that the clear-eyed Greeks would have missed this.


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