Sunday, February 10, 2013

Multiculturalism as cult

Multiculturalism expects us to believe --and forbids us to deny-- that
North African Muslims can move to Holland en masse, remain Muslims and North African, and be "Dutch". 
Caribbean Blacks and African Blacks and Asian Muslims can move to England en masse, remain so, and be "British."
But consider:

Han Chinese move to Nigeria en masse, maintain their race and language and culture and be "Nigerian." 
Germans, Norwegians, Russians, Brits, and Belgians move to Italy en masse, and be "Italians."

Is the whole idea not nuts? You'd have to be entranced by a cult to believe it.



Unknown said...

I just wrote a brief essay about the success of the 19th century American Catholic "Ethnic-Parish" model to contrast to the failures of the contemporary multicultural parish model. My effet Jesuit instructor gave me a 45/100.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Orthodoxies don't die, they just migrate. I would be willing to bet that he'd be much less anxious about handling the idea, say, that Jesus was not divine, than that multiculturalism is a bad idea.

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