Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Random notes

Read in the Examiner this morning: A woman in Sacramento who was bringing flowers to the roadside site of a fatal traffic accident was run over and killed by a passing SUV.

Reminds me of my first boyfriend's remark that the existence of God was obvious and not really an interesting question. The really interesting question was, "Is He friendly?"

Although VDH has been skittish about the demographic issue in American politics --which is polite code for the race issue-- he can still hit it out of the park. Best line: the new Egypt of the "Arab Spring" is "a mix of Iran and Haiti."

David Horowitz, in a much too long article, points out that the Democrat party is now entirely owned by leftwing progressives who seek a fundamentally new American order based on "social justice." They are missionaries of a divine cause and their work is far from complete. Consequently, even mildly oppositional Republicans are evil by definition. He rightly chastizes the GOP for refusing to see this and for refusing to fight back appropriately. Anyone who thinks the Republicans are some kind of evil and dangerous crypto-fascist threat has never really paid attention to these feckless pussies in action. Karl Rove has set up an organization to protect Republicans from the Tea Party. Even icon Ronald Reagan left the government larger than he found it and amnestied over 3 million illegals. Do these people actually believe anything they say?

Dennis Prager dissects the moral confusion of a former Marine who has bought into the liberal ethos, unable to distinguish between justifiable killing and murder. The liberal ethos requires that civilized people (White people; they have a different set of rules for POCs*) become utter strangers to any kind of violence that is not on a screen. No upsetting language, no parents or teachers hitting bratty children, or anyone, ever, no fighting in the schoolyard or pointing your thumb and forefinger like a gun, no guns --no way, no how, not even toys, no hunting or fishing, even, if possible, no eating meat...(oh, and no capital punishment) short, banish all violence from your horizons. You even have to feel bad that Navy Seals --all White males, btw....---killed Osama bin Laden Forget that the thought of violence is  possible for you*. Om. Ahimsa. Eloi. Extinction.

If you're a declinist like me and you want to assure yourself that the inmates have taken over the asylum, a simple visit to Drudge and his illegitimate cousin DailyKenn --"printing what even Drudge won't print"--will give you plenty of bias-confirming data.

Thank God it's a sunny day.

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