Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fish in water

My contempt for "journalists" is clear. Most of their recent reports and comments in the wake of the Pope's abdication only confirms my attitude. Ignorance compounded by arrogance.

One described the Pope's crosier as "a cane topped with a cross" to help him walk. They call for an "inclusive" Pope for a "modern" world. Point out the Big Issues the new one must face: women's ordination, gay marriage, condoms. A Black African would be, like, cool. (They are ignorant of the fact that African clerics, while self-interestedly distributionist and pro-immigration, are very orthodox in matters dogmatic and moral. Ask the Anglicans.) One of the Guardian's columnists, "prominent political and social commentator" Deborah Orr has opined that Ben XVI has lost his faith and that's why he's leaving.

They live in their own pond and imagine it is the whole world.

As the Russians say, it's all just desinformatsiya.


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