Sunday, February 17, 2013

Secession, anyone?

Secession: The Road to a Rebirth of America:

A longish proposal for an American Federal Republic.

The author, "Jeffersonian", replaces the idea of states seceding with that of counties seceding, based on their Red or Blue voting history. I don't see how that would work, since it would create archipelagoes of counties inside another country.

The USA would be mostly composed of the Pacific Coast, the Mexican borderlands, the Northeast and the Upper Midwest. The AFR, while larger in land mass, would encompass only about 1/3 of the current population.

But, outlandish --literally :)-- though the idea be, it demarcates some of the reasons why some Red Americans want out of Blue America.

Interestingly, he suggests that the basic shape of the US Constitution be kept, but with changes based on historical experience of the last 200 years.  The Establishment Clause would be dumped, not because he wants a State Church but because it has been used to erase religion from the public square in favor of an unacknowledged religion of secular humanism. Suffrage would not be universal. It is frank about the realities of race and ethnicity and culture and sees the new country as continuous with the Founders and the Founding People: the White European Christians.

A nice dream*.

*Not utopian, though. Certainly not in my view. Ex Cathedra doesn't do utopia; seeking for it brings only misery. And American history prior to 1960 was not paradise, for sure. It's a matter of which set of problems you'd prefer to grapple with.

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