Wednesday, February 20, 2013


At my old gym there was a guy, early 30's, handsome and beautifully built, but shy, whom I got to know a little. Despite his splendid frame and face, because he was so young, it seemed indecent of me to do more than be friendly and a little fatherly. He seemed to like that.

Since then, I have seen him in the, uh, adult film industry.

On the way to the gym today, he was bounding down the street and recognized me while we were in the middle of a busy intersection, with the light about to change. I thought we'd just nod and say hi. Instead he came over and gave me a big hug and said, "Hey, long time no see!"

Since my relationship with B is based on common spiritual and intellectual pursuits, I emailed him a pic of said fella and told him pleasantly of the greeting.

His response: Oh, yeah. His name is Aaron. He works at the school.

SF is a relatively small town, but the school where he works is huge. Still, he knew him.

B. Always one-upping and out...stripping me.


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