Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Imperfect contrition

I have noticed that in MSM comments about Benedict XVI's papacy, you see the herd-mind of their coven at work. Mr. Kaplan figured out these New Inquisitors perfectly years ago, as examples of Samuel Huntington's insight that now  “the arrogance of power is superceded by the arrogance of morality.” Well, "morality" is one name for it.

Often noted are his "mistakes."  In his Regensburg speech, offending Muslims --who, as we know from the Ten Commandments and the words of Jesus and St Paul and the National Council of Churches-- must never have their little feelings hurt. And his offending Jews by lifting the excommunication of a schismatic bishop who turned out to be skeptical of the received narrative of the Holocaust.

Muslims and Jews* must never have their sensibilities hurt. Especially by the Church of Rome. Apologies are in order. Let the grovelling begin.

But I don't notice any reciprocity. Since religious Jews tend to stick to their own affairs and keep their contempt for Christianity private, it's usually when (usually unreligious) Jews who act in another role (moviemaker, journalist, lawyer, etc.) offend Christians and therefore are moviemakers, journalists and lawyers who "just happen to be" Jews. And it is anti-Semitic to notice that.

As for Muslims, among the most offensive people on earth, they never apologize for a damn thing. When their jihadi brethren attacked America on Sept 11, 2001, they were the ones victimized by American jingoism and Islamophobia.

In this culture, only Officially Recognized Victims get apologies. All others, just suck it up.

I'd be happier if everyone just stopped apologizing.

*The bizarre exception is Israel. Both Gentiles and liberal Jews alike get to dump all over the Jewish State...because it offends Muslims! Sometimes the complexities of liberal etiquette escape even me.


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Tarquin said...

The Holy Father was, of course, right about Islam. He is a noble man.

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