Thursday, April 19, 2012

Giving the Devil his due

One of the many striking things that Allan Bloom wrote in The Closing of the American Mind was that in the Sixties, it suddenly became an unquestioned article of faith among the Enlightened Ones that both universal brotherhood and complete personal satisfaction could be achieved, simultaneously and without any conflict. If we all get to do our own thing, then peace on earth will arrive.

When you think about it, it's insane.

On this planet, pretty well everything costs something and everything has a downside for someone. Nothing will make everyone happy. Promises of all-inclusive happiness simply hide the costs of the benefits.

Several incidents of late brought home to me the continuing Regime of Lies that characterizes the current social contract. We are all supposed to assume universal human equality and harmony and respect, even when we a. tolerate the very kind of behavior from Sacred Victim Groups that we would righteously quash among our own and b. contemptuously dismiss any viewpoint in our diverse paradise that does not match the Official Viewpoints and Attitudes required of the diverse members of the aforesaid inclusive (and sensitive) paradise.

It bothers me not because it is hypocritical. Mere hypocrisy is trivial. It's an easy brush to tar with. (Oops. Is that raciss?) And it's moralistic. The Regime of Lies bothers me because it insults my intelligence and wastes my time.

So I am here to give a moderate moment of applause to two groups not normally on Ex Cathedra's list of Greatest Hits: Islam and White Nationalism.

These groups get mild kudos from me because they are clear and unapologetic about who should be in charge and what should be the lot of those who are not. Compared to the pussified venom and anocranial antics of Orwellian progressives, it is a kind of a relief to read about people who believe that they are meant to rule and have no interest in whether that bothers you or hurts your little feelings. In fact, if it does, they rather like that.

Islam is abundantly clear that it is the final and perfect religion for all mankind. There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet is not a question. Or an opinion. It is an absolute creedal assertion. So when the Muslim Horde of Peace arrives in your town, sword in hand, to do you the great favor of inviting you to The Original and Last True Religion, you have a choice: convert or face the consequences.

If you decline and you are a polytheist --the ultimate filth in Muslim eyes-- your life is forfeit. If you decline and you are an errant monotheist of a revealed Book, you can be tolerated as a distinctly second class resident of the New World, as long as you agree and show proper submission. No fun for the Jewish and Christian dhimmis, as they are called, the "protected" unbelievers, but perfectly consistent with the self-understanding of Islam. No apologies offered. Take it or leave it.  In some places and periods, life for the dhimmis was not endless misery. But no matter how well they might be treated, it was always clear as a bell --or the muezzin's voice-- who was in charge and on what grounds and on whose terms tolerance was extended.  No insulting intelligence. No wasting time.

White Nationalism is a much more recent and unsettled phenomenon, although you can make a case that, prior to the mid-20th century, it was the de facto social and political regime. As a surprising example, Abraham Lincoln's views on Blacks, despite his opposition to slavery as an institution, make it hard to distinguish him from current partisans of a White supremacist politics. Although the internal world of WN politics is, unsurprisingly, fractured and fractious, and worse, it is refreshingly clear even when shockingly blunt. At its most polite end, it expresses a clear and unambiguous preference and advocacy for the White race apart from and above any other. At its other end, it is very willing to translate that preference into a strategy of Any Means Necessary, so that the elimination of its enemies is promoted without ambiguity or hand-wringing. Again, the point is clear: no insulting your intelligence or wasting your time.

Both of these groups are, to put it mildly, unfriendly to man-loving fellas like me. It is a measure of my irritation with the slobberingly pro-gay denizens of the Regime of Lies that I am driven, just for the pleasure of a moment's clarity, to offer them faint praise.


Anonymous said...

Re »If everyone does his own thing [and only his own thing], then peace on earth will arrive« --

»In those days there was a no-king in America, and every man did his own thing« (Judges 21:25).

But really doing one's own thing requires not resisting evil, sc not even doing non-violent resistance. Continuing to do dualistic things depends upon a hate class -- if not evangelical Christians, then neo-Muslims, or worse.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Brotherhood (of haters) and the Ministry of Love that loves them, I bet Newgent and the Secret Service discuss'd Oceania's Insoc vs Eastasia's "death to self" in exegesis of the Bells of St. Clement Dane's rhyme that Julia and Winston try to remember as a countersign or symballon.

Curiously enough, I note that a clementine is a »dichtung'd« orange, in fact an easily peel'd[cf the peeling of bells] seedless mandarin, and the bells of St. ClementDane say "oranges and lemons." ... "Lemon"? Maybe LS amon (as in the regime of Lies?), or js5243 NML (chop) whence NMLH 'ant' js5244.

BTW, "Death to self" is a maxim of conservative protestant Christianity -- sounds hardcore, but after all, one probably could find more support for it in the NT than for "inclusiveness" etc.

Anonymous said...

... Maybe Man-darin marry'd Samatha (hearing's gift) the American witch? daughter of Endura, the 'death-to self' procedure of Cathari?

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