Saturday, April 07, 2012

Pro crastina die

Found an interesting article on my most problematic vice, procrastination. I'll read it some other time.

St Expeditus, above, soldier and martyr, raises the cross of Today (Hodie) and crushes underfoot the dark crow of Tomorrow (Cras). St Expeditus, pray for us...when you have time.


Anonymous said...

Obviously St Expeditus won't wait till he has time to pray for you -- he'll MAKE the time. ... One wishes this saint strode the earth not only by the crows of minerva-lilith but also the grey owls of yesterday.

But re Rom. hodie (hoc die, this day; today toady) and any hoodie at the crux of the crows, I remember that the ?Jawas in the first Star Wars movie who captured robots to sell (as into slavery) cry'd "Oo-di-di" sc odi odi, Rom. I hate I hate.

Harry Ografer said...

St. Expedite: the most popular Armenia saint in Brazil.
Sub-text: Convert Today; Don't wait until tomorrow.

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