Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pleasant denials

People say they want a world that’s more rational, but a world that’s out of step with human nature isn’t more rational at all.

Donovan, Jack (2012-03-22). The Way of Men (Kindle Locations 2380-2381). DISSONANT HUM. Kindle Edition.
Going thru Jack Donovan's book on men again, that theme jumped out at me. He also notes that the current social system is based on a pleasant denial of human nature.

Reminds me of how entrenched is the liberal notion that people really are the way we want them to be. No amount of evidence can shake that faith. Indeed, the endless problem-solving social engineering project which is liberalism is based on that doctrine. Lists of all the ways in which it is not the case merely become more urgent, even frantic, reasons for more programs to make it be true and propaganda to convince us of it.

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