Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blind in one eye

Funny how liberal Catholics want to make immemorial teachings like the all-male priesthood die the death of a thousand qualifications but treat the ten-minutes old Catholic social teaching as if it is manna from heaven. About that they are functionally fundamentalist: literal and unquestioning.

And although they are very big on the "social justice" parts --aka government structures that transfer wealth-- they are almost universally silent on abortion. And you never hear them addressing problems that create poverty --like having kids without being married--- unless the solution means more government money for after-the-fact institutions and programs.

The number one reason that Blacks are such a mess is that they have detonated their family structure. If you could put that back together, both they and the rest of the country would significantly improve. And about that, from these types, you heard nada.

And don't get me started on illegal immigration.


Anonymous said...

On all this type of questions and issues, I just ask WWJID?

Anonymous said...

(What Would Judas Iscariot Do?)

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