Saturday, April 28, 2012


A FB friend has a homo FB friend who is quite handsome and a complete moron. I have left out the intervening comments, but it doesn't really matter. Behold, without attribution and hence without permission, his brilliance:

You mean rich white straight and Christian people having their way and controlling society? That would be something now wouldn't it?...

They just need to realize we live in a pluralistic democratic republic and that this intrinsically entails a loosening of their ridiculously rigid tenets of selfishness and exclusion in the name of God and country. It's a ruse that's anachronistic and divisive and doesn't serve the greater good.

God is personal. We need to respect that right. But pushing a myopic notion of God on the masses is not okay and doesn't belong in politics. Yes I would rather have a free for all 'utopia' than a cadre of rich shitkicking 'manly men' white good old boys trying to shove their poison kool-aid down my throat in the name of 'freedom' any day.

People are a lot more conservative than those boys give 'em credit for. But they need to get off the bully pulpit (no pun intended ) because it's a sham.

Our beautiful country was founded by well-meaning slave owners. 100 years later we counted slaves as 3/5 of a person. And that was a compromise!

(Responding to point that white Christian males were the ones who ended slavery:)

White Christian males were the only force period. Why should it have taken so long? No you're right. The aforementioned 'luminaries ' deserve a pat on the back. Go Chris!tian white guys! Woot woot

And wrong. The left idolizes those that dare to think outside the box and fight for the greater good. The right idolizes those that preserve the status quo and their own right to property.

Stop being reductionist. The left is full of people who are spiritual, love this country, but who don't want to see everyone fall through the cracks. Your heroes created this 'open mouth' mess. Deal with it. It's about time. All that foresight and interest in the good of humankind. Hogwash!! Nobody wants to take away your right to call the left 'godless' or to criticize 'the welfare state'. Its taken a long time for the greed and exclusion of our progenitors to get to the point where it can be criticized openly but it's about time. We don't need a narrow minded minority telling us that we're unAmerican because we don't espouse their notions of God and virtue. It's too late for that. We have to consider everyone now.

Civil war, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Some might argue that America needs an upside-down etch-a-sketch shaking, in order to blank the grey slate and impose a new narrative using Shariah and Fiqh.

But no need to attach this class war to military weaponry. ... Should be easy for the 'right' to triumph over the 'left' since the left is able to devise verbal weaponry only vs slave-owning "good old boy" fundamentalists: as if a public policy composed with a view to Burke, Smith, and Tocqueville, and "mere Christianity" Christianity would be so terrifying to "the masses" that they will keep on voting for the culture of government programmes plus desublimation.

I would prefer a more interesting cultural war, say between Nietzsche and Tocqueville. ...

Anonymous said...

P.S. How can there be a "status quo" for a civilization that has driven off a cliff and is in free fall?

I guess right now we're like the Warner Brothers Coyote who has run far out off the cliff but hasn't yet begun to fall because he hasn't look'd down to see that he's running on thin air. I guess as soon as we see that we are running on thin air, we will gulp in despair and wave a sad good-bye to the viewers and plunge into our final fall.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the key for this quasi-moron is that thinking shall be done only "outside the box" that is on the inner path out of the world. Leaves the world kind-of bereft of essence or substance. No humanism for the seculum. No doctrine of man and his fulfilment. The "greater good" that shall be fought for occurs only outside the box.

But then what agenda should the political and cultural or religious institutions have for the world? A merely negative agenda: not white, not America, not Western, not Europe, not Christian. This negative agenda is promoted by anti-whites, post-Christian, anti-Western, anti-European. This lears the world of any content that could shame desublimation -- consumerism and wall-to-wall porno in the name of social justice.

Anonymous said...

"A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan." MLK

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