Friday, April 20, 2012

TV Land

As readers of Ex Cathedra know, even though he has been without TV since December and does not read the papers, the Net is enough to provoke him to his (admittedly brilliant) rantings.

Visiting the parental home for several days, it has been a shock to run into talk radio all day and TV news all evening. Talking (and shouting) heads. I retire to my room early just to get away from it, even when I agree with it.

And the commercials. Mother of God.


VeteranViewer said...

Dear Mr. exCathedra:
Since you have been without TV in the recent past, you may have forgotten the most basic TV survival technique: changing the channel.

This is what I do, and I present this only as a suggestion. When some non-sensical talking head starts yammering, or a commercial comes on for vaginal dryness, or Shamwow (holds 12 times its weight in liquid), I change the channel.

See, it's like the Internets. If you read a story you don't like, you click your clicker.

Just some well-meaning advice.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Thanks, VV. But when the TV is not yours and the owner of the house is watching it and you’re a guest...

Anonymous said...

Well, you can forget about giving the owner's TV the Elvis treatment where you are. New York state has no Stand Your Ground law vs talking heads.

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