Monday, April 09, 2012

Shadows lengthen

Christmas doesn't produce peace and Easter doesn't bring resurrection. The holidays, anyway.

Following on the Tray-von soap opera, John Derbyshire --now formerly of National Review*-- wrote a very blunt and unpleasant piece about Black America, most of which most of White America knows but will not say in public. Howls for his head on a plate not only from Afro types like The Atlantic's** "Ta-Nehisi" Coates, but good White liberals and conservatives. Incidents like this, increasingly common, make his "screed" seem like common sense under the Regime of Lies.

But the lalalalalal-close-my-ears-I-cant-hear-you reactions ("such ideas are not worthy of a part in the national discussion") are disheartening. Minogue's point about the kind of panic that grips liberals who can smell an argument they will lose...One of the commentors in the fray loudly and proudly asserts that there is no link whatever between race and IQ. That Red Queen believes far more than six impossible things before breakfast. He probably thinks men and women are interchangeable and that Romanians are just as smart as Jews. And I bet he's someone who holds creationists in contempt for believing that God put the dinosaurs there as a test. Me, I can't see the diff.

Every society has taboos. And you pay the price for breaking them. I cannot believe Derbyshire was innocent of this. But the liberal regime specializes in a particular form of lying about what is perhaps its premier moral issue, race. Just as Obama types can be socialists not by direct confiscation but by Lilliputian regulation, so the media can be propagandists and inquisitors, by instructing us in what we all must know and care about (the tragic death of poor little Tray-von) and punishing those heretics, like Derbyshire, who tell us what we must not.

PS. A more bracing response can be found here, as Jack Donovan replies to all the folks horrified and offended by what Derbyshire wrote. This, my friends, is prose. Were you to feed it to the "I Write Like" analyzer, it would not be HP Lovecraft.

*He is apparently too much, but "mainstream" MSNBC pays lifelong race huckster Al Sharpton to be a regular commentator...

**That was a great magazine --I even subscribed-- until Mike Kelly died in Iraq in 03. After that it fell into line with the rest of the monotones.

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