Monday, April 23, 2012

A modest proposal!

In the hyped-up wake of the contemptible Tray-von vs The White Hispanic* soap opera, the conservative and neo-conservative journal National Review fired writer John Derbyshire for printing in another publication his White/Asian version of "The Talk" that Black parents apparently give their kids about how to deal with the realities of race in America. It was blunt, expressed some inconvenient truths and therefore created a panic of self-righteousness. A second writer, of the racial realist school, was dumped soon after.

National Review hosts an annual cruise, a chance to hang out with conservative luminaries and raise money for the magazine.

A pseudonymous wag, himself apparently blacklisted, --oh, sorry, is that racist?--offered an amusing and modest proposal to help the right wingers at NR really establish their anti-racist bona fides. Rich Lowry and Jonah Goldberg stuck on a boat for a week with a hundred "No Limit Niggas"* that would be a hoot.

*This is so sexist. His father is Zimmerman, his mother is Peruvian. So we quash the rich feminine aboriginal lineage in favor of the culturally dominant patriarchal identity. Appalling.

We've all seen pix of Mr Zimmerman. Suppose I, a purely Northern European guy, had attacked Mr. Zimmerman. Do you doubt for one nanosecond that I'd be the racist, attacking a Latino? When it comes to the race game, Americans are insane.

**Cute little Tray-von's charming culturally diverse on-screen handle.



Anonymous said...

According to Woody Allen's movie Hannah and Her Sisters, 'silent' blacks control the lighting and darkening in the rooms. ...

USMaleSF said...

Imagine what Allen would have been without all the Freudian analysis.

Anonymous said...

Back to Egypt with Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Anonymous said...

... Somewhat not MSM media reports of recent attacks on members of Zimmerman's population group by members of Trayvon's population group may obviate the conviction of Zimmerman for racist violence. The reports mention that attackers maybe said "That's Justice for Trayvon" etc.

That is, the karma borne by Zimmerman perhaps has been transfer'd to these other nonPOCs, and their damagedness provides expiation and satisfaction.

If these news reports are heard outside the nonPOC population, perhaps marches plus a certain amount of violence won't result if a judge declares with emphatic reluctance that the state lacks sufficient evidence to prove that Zimmerman's account of his encounter with Trayvon is false and that, unfortunately, Zimmerman cannot be found guilty of murder and sentenced accordingly.

... Amanda Marcotte holds that low-class white men such as Zimmerman carry firearms because »they fear that they are losing their unearned dominance and control over [high-class] society.«

Anonymous said...

»In the Horizon of "No Limits". We have gone aboard the critical-theory ship, and dissolved MLK's dream of a time when a man is judged by his moral character rather than by his racial identity or tribe!

»We have broken up the dream behind us, nay, more, the meaning of moral valuation behind us! Not to mention the doctrine that a system of reckoning group violence quanta for the world conflicts with an inner path dream extolling non-violence, not to mention the Christian atonement for karma or wei by belief in the God on the Cross.

»Well, bloated non-ego'd, tribal narratological critical theorist! Look out! Behold the outer path circus; it is true it does not always bite, and mostly it spreads out and goes on and on in harmless flimflam. But (times) will come when (thou) wilt feel that it is unroutinized, and that there is nothing more frightful than an outer path of infinity.

»Oh, the proud narratological critical theorist that felt (himself) home free, and now encounters the unroutinized in the outer path!

»Alas, if home-sickness for biblical revelation should attack thee, as though there had been more safety there, but there is no longer any 'ego sum' whom to reveal to!«
—Nietzsche, The Gay Science ¶124

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