Sunday, April 15, 2012

9/11 Memorial

Though I am just a few subway stops away from the 9/11 site, which I visited shortly after the Muslims blew it up in 2001, I will not go to the memorial. No need to have a stroke.

Everything I know about it, and its equally revolting sister-memorial in Pennsylvania, indicates that it memorializes what is wrong with our dickless culture. One thing it certainly avoids is any connection between Islam and September 11 2001. Honoring the dead by refusing to name who killed them all. That might hurt someone's feelings.

A positive review in the Lifestyle section of WaPo --again, never once mentioning Muslims and Islam-- spends its time looking forward to a day when the dynamics of this "memorial" will facilitate forgetting what it meant.

I sometimes think that I have fallen through the looking glass.


Anonymous said...

»When political leaders ruin their nations and destroy their lands, it is always because of their desires.«
— Tao of the Huainan Masters, ed., Rosemary Brant. p. 27

Anonymous said...

... An American house, apple or winestock [dortige Raab] intruding into here from there are mimetic dummies or imitations (js1819-20, 1745) and have nothingness in common with the formalistic-traditionalist house, fruit, grape [der tRaube] into which the Shemitic hope and Japthethic thoughtfulness [Nachdenklichkeit] of our Hamitic forefathers enter'd. (Rilke quoted in Heidegger, Proletry, Language Thought, p. 113)

Hitchhiker: »Chalcedon or Bust«

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