Thursday, April 19, 2012

Offensive. It's the new Heretical.

I admit it, I used to find Kirk Cameron kinda hot. For a long time now he has been a very orthodox Evangelical, active in the media wing of that religious world.

He winds up on an interview show with Empty Suit Piers Morgan, one of our journalistic betters, --and British to boot, so very sophisticated and all. Cameron's in a film that asserts America's downfall if it does not turn to God. Hardly original.

Talking about the film with CNN's Piers Morgan, Cameron gave his unvarnished opinion when asked about homosexuality. It's "unnatural," he said on the April 2 show. "I think that it's -- it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

The response drew rebukes from gay rights organizations, and ridicule from several Hollywood stars, including an off-color video from a group of fellow former child actors.

As Morgan later summed up the backlash, many people were "shocked by the fact of this sweet nice boy from 'Growing Pains' has come out with what he clearly felt were perfectly normal comments but actually in the cold light of day are transparently offensive."

"I just don't think you can sit there with a straight face and say 'I'm a Christian, God-fearing, all-around good person, but by the way, I hate these people who were born the way they were.'"
Mr. Piers is now also a theologian, evidently. And of course "Hollywood stars", "former child actors" and "gay rights organizations" certainly have the bead on the moral compass well in hand...

What is totally lacking, of course, is anyone engaging Cameron's point of view. All they do is dump. Now if we had a movie about some early Protestant hero, or a victim of the Inquisition, and the authorities were all yelling "Heresy! Heresy!", we could all sit back and see how pathetically unable they were to actually face the issues involved.

But now we are so sophisticated that when an orthodox Evangelical states a completely unsurprising orthodox Evangelical point of view, Our Moral and Intellectual Role Models have the combined equivalent of a Victorian fainting spell and a schoolyard gang-up.

Very impressive, all around.

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Anonymous said...

But Piers Morgan would not be able to declare »I just don't think you can sit there with a straight-path face and say "I'm a Muslim, God-fearing, Allah-round good person, but by the way, I hate these people who were born the way they were."«

There's no Stand Your Ground law vis-a-vis Islam and the obligation to not be Islamophobic.

More accurately, Islam merely punishes deeds of lewdness between men, whereas Christianity "hates" LGBT persons for "being born the way that they were." ...

On the matter of homosexuality, Mr Morgan might also have trouble condemning non-White Hispanic and black Christian clergy as haters, or orthodox Jews as haters, and Hindus -- also Communists.

Also American psychiatry (Harvard Medical School, UCLA medical school etc) until 1973 or whenever (within three years, white Christian fundamentalists, Anita Bryant and Bible school husband were in position in the psychodrama as the intrusive aliens who impose hate upon a culture of libidinous freedom.

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