Wednesday, April 11, 2012


From a critical review of Jimmy Carter's Bible book

H.L. Mencken, the bad boy of Baltimore journalism in the Roaring Twenties, once suggested, tongue firmly in cheek, that all failed candidates for president should be quietly hanged, so that their further maunderings would not upset the young. One can only imagine what Mencken (who used to deride the sanctimonious President Wilson as “the Archangel Woodrow”) would say about condign punishment for Jimmy Carter. In any case, Mr. Carter would do us all a great favor if he would lay off theology and exegesis. Like foreign policy, these are disciplines manifestly beyond his capabilities..


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Anonymous said...

Re President Carter's perception that “man-dated subservience of women by Christian fundamentalists” contributes to the practice of female genital mutilation by Islamists (apparently said in his "Our EndAngered Values" 2005):

Does blaming everything on American fundamentalist white hetero men induce ego inflation or ego deflation? Learning to accept responsibility for the world by the Ego sum quis ego sum may seem to be a grotesque, absurd ego inflation.

On the other hand, maybe this is a tremendous ego deflation, since the entire meaning of the world is bad, just as the summational meaning of the low-class white man (typology e.g. Luther vis-a-vis Erasmus) is entirely bad (war crimes and technocracy from the Crusades to GWB and today's Tea Party). For our aiƓn, only resistance and agency for change within reality is good.

Yet low-class white men, now Canaan K9, seem not to be obeying their obedience training but doing ressentiment. Is the obedience school for will-to-power 'me' or prepared-created negated ego going wrong?

Formerly the upper-class white man took responsibility, but this in a good way, since some good was supposed to be occurring in Christendom. A resentful 'slave revolt in moral valuation' from low-class man could drive the higher man higher, as when Luther would not agree that Erasmus was that human than which no greater could be conceived. (Machiavelli brought rather a Shadow to this confrontation.)

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