Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ugly Americans

Not only do many Europeans and a lot of other people dislike America, but the President and Justice Ginsberg are not so thrilled either.

My impression is that "the global community" (heh...I've met some of them) thinks we are racist, violent, greedy, ignorant and superstitious. Which implies that everyone else is...oh, I don't know...multicultural, pacific, --and pacifically multicultural at that!-- generous (aka non-acquisitive), knowledgeable and rational (not in the grip of beliefs or attitudes at variance with logic or fact).

Oh, and we're fat.

Which is unfortunately true. Especially the poor people of color...


Anonymous said...

You know, there would be some semiotic loss if the de facto reality of 'race' or 'colour' were obliquely commented on, thus removing the 'activism' from e.g. Eric Holder et al, and thus restoring 'white privilege' self-confidence to the demographically panick'd and otherwise manipulated low-class white males who seem a population pent up and rancour-fy'd within figments, as in the movie "Buckaroo Bansai [not the right spelling in the movie, but sc a dichtung'd tree of knowledge of values or colours]." A new fascism within the enclosure or surah, dominated by a neo-Mussolini. ... But does the colour system in the Bible have to be written in his politically destructive way? Couldn't we have our semoitics in a less damaging version?

But the payoff would be a less rancorous low-class white citizenry -- abolition of misplaced paranoia.

What I mean is, the 'one drop rule' is not operative in the desegregation era. When one watches only television and internet news sources, one can forget that there are really dark African Americans (or however they wish to be named). What has maybe always occur'd within population designated "Negro" has extended into the mainstreaming of blacks or African-Americans in American society. I mean, rather a colour spectrum of darkness grading toward lightness, rather as in the Caribbean, Latin America, Ethiopia etc.

In this way, we could dispel the destructive demographic panic promoted on grounds that by such and such a date, "whites" will be a "minority" in America. There will still be 'white privilege' since evidently this occurs within populations designated "black" -- also in "hispanic" populations. Apparently 'white privilege' or 'lightness' privilege still occurs within South Africa.

Anonymous said...

If there were a really really tight intense solidarity of every person with 'one drop' of genealogy of colour, then perhaps "whites" should feel threaten'd, since democratic institutions (one person one vote) could be used to elect an expropriative ex-minority now majority government that would oppress whites (as indeed occurs in Zimbabwe, to the utter ruin of all Zimbabweans).

Admittedly there is some attempt to foment a darkness ressentiment politics in Brazil, but America's mainstream'd rather light-colour'd African Americans would have to see that they would not benefit from such a politics -- unless the new anti-Apartheid American politics was going to be led by light-colour'd "African-Americans" (e.g. Jeremiah Wright, Minister L.S. Farrakhan) and "Hispanics" about as AmerInd as Vicente Fox.

And do POCs wish to make the apparently tremendous effort not to favour lightness in their own communities and marriages? I do abhor having to remark on these matters, since so much intense feeling of personal devaluation is involved. But the rabble-rousing via demographic panic seems to necessitate mentioning these things.

It would be worth emphasizing that the beauty ideal now prevailing is not "Caucasian." If we wanted to use our capitalist white supremacy to impose such an ideal -- and according to social constructionists, imposing any ideal at all is possible since any and all favour'd characteristics are entirely arbitrary -- then plenteous body hair and extremely thin lips would be favour'd since other "races" can't begin to keep up with us in those things. But the prevailing beauty criteria for both men and women are lush lips and no body hair. Also very pale skin would be favour'd and there would be no pressure to tan the skin -- tanning by sun or in tanning booths makes "our women" age super-quickly.

Also the alleged endow'dness of black males would be removed by socially constructing favour for having a penis that doesn't hang down when flaccid as aesthetically and sexually much preferable to women and to gay males. One can't say that a penis that hangs down when flaccid is naturally more attractive-looking that a small penis without permitting that lightness in skin colour or whatever other features may also be naturally attractive-looking. Or if white supremacy controls the social construction of all myths about attractiveness, we should construct a totally believed myth that we have the largest penises. (You know, a lot of the 'underground' myths and realities are pervaded by "liberals." In my Canadian home town which was lily-white during my childhood, I first heard of the myth or reality of black males' endowment when a liberal school teacher, a woman, gave me "Black Like Me" to read. And the lust association of black male and white girl was first introduced into my psyche by "To Kill a Mockingbird" -- on the school curriculum. Of course, these books condemn'd such associations, but Christianity condemns Satan while somehow not removing fascination with him.)

Anonymous said...

And then obviously also we should make clear the ethos that "we" whites, as the superior population group, would have for 'our own.' That is, a more or less 'work ethic' monogamy religio-morality, which makes clear that turning to crime or gambling or drugs or alcohol-reliance as a response to whatever trauma or devaluation may be comprehensible but always makes the trauma worse and can never be a platform for community heroics -- as though the meth lab operator is paying the Man back for mistreatment. If other population groups happen to have different value systems -- e.g. that somehow validate pre-marital sex, porno devotion, lifestyle delinquency, etc -- that is regrettable for those population groups, but obviously as white males we can't say anything to that lest we be accused of condescension and obtuseness about how much these other population groups have been damaged. Nevertheless, for us we hold to a work ethic religio-morality that doesn't validate delinquency and crime as compensations for devaluation. Presumably upon hearing this, other population groups would see that 'race profiling' by police doesn't validate being a delinquent. But if not, then not.

(George Gilder points out that population groups in America, e.g. irish, that try'd to use the political system to promote their interests haven't prosper'd as well as those who avoided the political system and concentrated on what they can do on their own. ... Apparently, Koreans are now moving up and are no longer running convenience stores in African-American neighborhoods. If in this situation, the African-American "community organizers" can't arrange for blacks to run stores in these neighborhoods, additional scholarships and whatnot cannot help them. Not every population group must become workaholics, as some "good" POC communities are alleged to be, but the ordinary efforts of family and work-a-day life cannot be replaced by government programmes. Except when one is directly being chased down by lynchers, the internalization of what the Man has done is always worse -- worse e.g. than being pull'd over for driving while black or even the addmitedly very grave black disprivilege of not being able to hire a taxi in many areas -- no matter the race of the driver. ... At least this is what I would want 'my own' to hold. If other groups wish to say that internalization of problems can't be overcome except by becoming hostage to government programmes, then well, perhaps that is so for them. ...)

And then obviously as the superior group -- supposing that we are still to speak to our low-class selves in terms of pride in whiteness -- we should adhere to good manners. If other population groups use terms like Honky or Gringo, that presumably indicates that they aren't as estimable as we are. if I belch at your dinner table, this doesn't mean you do well to also become a belcher at dinner tables. Using rude language for 'other races' only makes whites look not that superior.

Anonymous said...

This sort of reasoning could deflect effort and time now spent by white males on rancorous blogging and paranoid theorizing to ordinary civilized behaviour -- rather than going on about the white nationalist utopia that will be built when white nationalists strike back and Anglo-Saxony gives up world hegemony in exchange for a whites only redoubt in northern Idaho where the priests can do primitive mumbo-jumbo without Jewish interlopers.

"We" should do marriage and family, rather than celibates blogging about the shortage of white babies. It is very difficult that good union jobs have been ship'd overseas, and a constant supply of undocumented workers keeps the wages for remaining unskill'd work low. But a strong population group can withstand these stresses, if their morals are sound.

... Teenage boys should actually play actual paintball, rather than be fill'd with demographic data and instructions on how to go survivalist when suddenly anti-white whites (the establishment etc) suddenly realize that they have had total control of the world since the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire and accordingly can go about destroying whites and handing institutions over to the control of not-that-dark subalterns such as Lani Guinier, who's so dangerous to the powers and principalities that she is a tenured professor at Harvard Law School, and has won the Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement award -- which at first I thought was a joke award in fiction by Ferdinand Céline. ...

The experiments at Waco and Ruby Ridge didn't exactly help offset the birth dearth in white babies. A major race war within the white community -- white survivalists vs white state troops and regular soldiers would result in even fewer whites.

Anonymous said...

Prof Lani Guinier et al really ought to advocate for open borders immigration of undocumented lawyers -- in order to drive American lawyers' real incomes down, down, down.

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