Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Conservative, not Republican

That's how I respond when people, on finding out that I do not tow the liberal line, assume that I am a Republican. Well, I vote for the feckless bunch of pussies, but, really, what are my choices?

Thomas Sowell puts it well. The thing is to find a man who can get Barry Hussein O out of the White House
 If not, then the fate of America -- and of Western nations, including Israel -- will be left in the hands of a man with a lifelong hostility to Western values and Western interests.
He needs to go back into some faux-professional sinecure again, like teaching "Constitutional law" --aka the 14th amendment-- as an unpublished "senior lecturer" or being president of the Harvard Law Review without a trace...if you except a six-page piece on abortion that some of his acolytes praise as a rare addition to his body of work. What body of work? God, what a fraud this guy is. Snookered a whole country just because he's half Nigerian. He makes Jimmy Carter look good.

PS I was thinking of Romney today, unenthusiastically, and realized that if he were a Democrat, the press would have made him into the man they wanted us to believe that John Kerry is/was.

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Anonymous said...

Can't American conservatives just salute the Buddha nature within the president and proceed with their Voltairean Satori? ...

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