Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Henry VIII lives

both in England and America. Imagine, a ghost who bilocates.

Did you know that people go to jail, now, right now, for years, in Britain, because of comic books? Just as they once went to the Tower and Tyburn for failing to march in step with the King's ever-changing moods. "Hate-speech" laws are nothing but a weapon of tyranny. America may be the last place on earth where freedom of speech is protected by our old, out-dated and (according to young Reb Ezra Klein) hard-to-read Constitution, created by a lot of Dead White Males. (HT to Jack Donovan for the link).

Mark Steyn finds Prince-Bishop Barack I of America acting a lot like Old Harry when it comes, once again, to the Church and the Throne.

Obama's government threatens massive fines for religious bodies who refuse to include in mandated health insurance, coverage for items that violate their denominational consciences.

If you can force a Catholic university to cover contraception, sterilization and abortifacient drugs, is there any reason at all besides temporary expediency, that you could not force it to cover direct abortion?

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