Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A mess of pottage

Oliver Stone is Jewish (I did not know that) and his wife is Christian. Their adult son, while making a documentary on Rumi in Iran, converted to Islam. But said that this does not mean he is abandoning Judaism and Christianity...


Well, to begin with, kid, you can't practice Judaism and Christianity. My guess is that he was raised in a kind of amorphous soup, not unlike his father's movies.

But it is typical Muslim BS that since the Koran lists both Moses and Jesus as true prophets, Muslims who convert --or, in their self-serving lingo, revert-- still remain true to them. Except that the Moses and the Jesus of the Koran --the Jesus especially-- bear little resemblance to the men revered by Jews and Christians, respectively. The Koran expressly, clearly, loudly, emphatically and repeatedly denies the divinity of Christ, for starters. Reminds me of that stupid women who wanted to be a Muslim and an Episcopal priest at the same time.

I am sure Mr and Mrs Stone will be supportive of their Ahmahdinejad-supporting son. Why the hell not?

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