Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Strange flashbacks

Woke up this morning remembering a month I spent in Iowa...back in the late 70s...doing research for my doctoral dissertation with a Heidegger scholar at the big Dominican studium in Dubuque. And what a godawful cold and unwelcoming and almost actively rejecting place it was. Still makes my stomach tighten.

A few years later they sold the big old monastery to a local Bible college and moved to St Louis.


Anonymous said...

Is the Dominican Studium where they hold the Name of the Rose Bowl?

USMaleSF said...

Anonymous wins a prize for Highly Witty Comment.

Two further reasons. The Studium was named St. Rose of Lima.

And I did once go to the movies with a sympatico friar to see...The Name of the Rose. In the middle of the flick, when the characters of the monastery were all out on view, he nudged me and said, "There's every troll we've ever lived with, right on the screen."

Well done, Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

... that Name of the Rose Bowl joke is a lot better than the godawful cold and unwelcoming and definitely actively rejecting Dybbuk joke I was pondering.

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