Friday, February 03, 2012

My morning irk

Watched part of a documentary, an exceedingly self-congratulatory and inflated one. Once I tell you what it's about, you'll see that the adjectives in the previous sentence are redundant.

It was a celebration of the National Film Preservation Board and its federally funded roll of choosing 25 films per year for preservation in some kind of congressional film archive. Before too long, the piece's surface celebration of America and of film as our memory began to crack and the PC Liberal Narrative of American Shame replaced it. How women directors were shut out, how Birth of a Nation slandered blacks, how The Searchers was an indictment of horrible racism about Indians, about the Japanese internments of WWII, etc. etc.

These puffed-up people, who see themselves as the ethically enlightened cultural elite,  have all the imagination of a Jack Chick pamphlet. If it were up to me, the whole lot of them would be dumped in the Bay as the tide was going out.

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