Monday, February 06, 2012

Monday monday

Dreamt last night about X-Files' Skully and some Baptist minister and crime-solving...The OCD character of most of my dreams remains, but compared to five years ago, far more textured, narrative, detailed, complex and centered on human beings. What made the difference? Quitting my old job.
(Good for my dream life; disastrous for my bank account).

A new book details, and really details, JFK's affair with a White House intern, now a retired 70 year old grandmother. He did what most Men of Power do around attractive women. After all, attractive women are a huge part of why Men of Power become Men of Power. She encapsulates a huge chunk of female sexuality:
In a moment of reflection, Alford wonders “if I could have resisted him. “The fact that I was being desired by the most famous and powerful man in America only amplified my feelings to the point where resistance was out of the question. That’s why I didn’t say no to the president. It’s the best answer I can give.”
Our First Catholic President was no altar boy, that's for sure. As for the girl, she shows one moment of admirable guts and taste. Although she had given head to a JFK staffer because the Prez asked her to, when he wanted her to do his little brother Edward, she said, "You've got to be kidding, sir."

Speaking of sexuality, articulate bomb-tosser Jim Goad enters the nature or nurture fray about homosexuality. He does point out, with justice, that people who think that gender and race are merely social constructions are often the most adamant about something as complex as sexual orientation being entirely genetic. Of course, so far, no one knows.

And as I have pointed out, too, those who adore the transgender trend of making gender a cosmetic and social role that can be altered with drugs, surgery, new clothes and some behavioral coaching would be horrified by the thought of transracialism: I always felt I was a White girl in a Black girl's body, so I am undergoing treatment to change my race....I'm not longer Laquitha; now I'm Courtney. Yeah, right.

(Michael Jackson, of course, managed to switch both race and gender, --and who has any idea what his "sexual" schtick was-- but that ended badly...)

Speaking of girls, I think it's a mistake to lump male and female homosexuality together. In my humble experience, women are far more fluid about this. And gay males and straight males are more erotically alike than gay males and lesbians: visually driven, interested in number and variety of partners, etc.
What makes gay male culture so promiscuous and shallow is that it is entirely driven by males, not homosexuals, if you get my drift. In some very important ways, heterosexual "culture" is composed of female resistance to males.

And speaking of presidents, my inclusion of Barack Hussein I, Prince-Bishop of America on his cathedra

--yes, I know it's Napoleon-- was occasioned by O's administrations recent forays into religion. Before the Supreme Court, trying to control who a church considers a minister. And now forcing Catholic institutions under Obamacare to provide free contraception and sterilization to employees. Secularism is one of the Seven Pillars of Progressivism*. Its animus is against traditional Western religion, mostly Christianity. (Islam, being anti-Western and full of colored people, gets a race-based pass and Most Favored Religion status.) Its goal is to restrict religion by regulation and social control so that it becomes merely a non-influential matter of private and person opinion and worship, akin to liking Jane Austen novels or collecting stamps. In all other ways, The State --which is secularism's Church-- must dominate. We must all be uniform in our acceptance of diversity.

*Just in case you missed it, the others are (anti-White) multiculturalism, (anti-male) feminism, (anti-capitalist) redistributionism, (anti-male, male power) pacifism, (anti-human race) environmentalism and (anti-nation-state, esp USA) transnationalism.

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