Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One man's decline

Neocon editor of Commentary, John Podhoretz, writes about America having a choice to decline or not, and asserting that Obama is choosing to decline. But Podhoretz ignores the issue of demography and immigration. When John Derbyshire, who recently created a furor over his race-realism speech at CPAC, remarked a while back that immigration policy should support "ethnic balance", Mr. Podhoretz was outraged and appalled.

Apparently Mr. Derbyshire's assumption that White Americans would have both the desire and the natural right to maintain their position as a majority, Mr. Podhoretz immediately began playing the reductio ad KKK. One is led to wonder if the editor of Commentary would be similarly outraged at Israeli immigration policy, so obviously (and perfectly right and sanely) aimed at keeping it a Jewish state.

People like Podhoretz (who is, by the way, Midge Decter's son) make me sympathetic to Russell Kirk. And lest anyone think ill of me for the implications of this post, please remember --not that it matters-- what would be, for similar reasons, the fate of the Catholic bishops of the US were Ex Cathedra king.

But this is just so much noise. Today Ex Cathedra is of the opinion that that race (sic) is over. Despite what the polls say, no one has done and no one is going to do anything substantive about the immigration issue. All the magazines in the world are nothing against a demographic tide that a civilization has lost the will to stem.

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