Sunday, February 12, 2012

Do tell

I visited PrayTell again. But only for five minutes. And I did not comment. My intention re that blog is to go a'commentin' no more. But we now have one of the liberals wishing he could ban one of the conservatives blogs as "tending toward schism".  Heh.

I am more Catholic than a lot of them, really. They have a nominalist streak, like all liberals, so that a thing can mean whatever they say it means. Like the brightboy Asian dodo yesterday who said that American was never a White Protestant English-speaking nation.

At the Reformation, the Church split over power, for sure, an issue never absent,but also over doctrine, actual doctrine: faith and works, the Bible, the sacraments, etc.  There is no doctrinal issue for the current cryptoProtestants, only power. It's fundamentally about who has the power to rule.

The dustup was about another petition from another Germanic population, Flanders, to turn the Catholic Church into the left wing of the Anglican church. the usual menu. And we know how well that works.

Keeping your identity intact may be no guarantee at all of growth, but at least when those who gave theirs away are gone, a few of you will still be around who remember who you are.

Speaking of religion, the Barry O admin is in battle with the US Catholic bishops over mandating birth control, sterilization and early pregnancy abortifacients in their health insurance.

Of course, first of all, Ex Cathedra wants to know where the hell the Feds got the mandate to do this.

Second, as part of the Women Are Special rule, because it affects their bodies, it's "free"...meaning someone else will pay for it.

And then there's that little "free exercise" of religion, an apparently dying part of the Living Constitution.

Jonah Goldberg has it right. Religion is an island of separateness in a totalizing progressive culture and as such is an irritant.

As for the bishops, they are usually right on board with big government "compassion". But now Leviathan is turning his hungry eye as them. Oops.

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