Friday, February 24, 2012

Roku e morto

Last September I got a Roku, a little piece of hardward that uses my wireless internet connection to stream Netflix movies and a host of other things. It is a one-time purchase, no fees. I liked it so much I dumped my cable service. And I have been a huge TV watcher my whole life.

Day before yesterday, it suddenly would not stream any Netflix movies. (My laptop did keep them streaming, so it had to be a Roku thing). Other movies, on Amazon, worked fine, other channels worked fine. I searched on the net and wandered thru the Roku forums. Others had my problem from time to time but no solution seemed to jump out.

So after doing the usual take-out-the-plug-and-restart --which reminds me of kicking the cathode ray TV when I was a kid-- I removed Netflix, then tried to reinstall it, but was told my Netflix had no room in its memory. So I removed most of the other channels. Still nada.

I went to Settings and did a factory reset. Went things came back on, it stuck on Settings and would not respond to anything at all.

This led to tedious 45 minute on-line-chat based set of moves to fix it. "Jay", the chat guy, said that if it was  hardware issue --which means if the thing is broken after 5 months-- the warranty is 90 days and they could not replace it.

As part of my Lenten giving up of things that make my gasket blow, I just decided to replace it myself. For what it does, it is very reasonably priced. My ex T and his partner have had a Roku for a couple of years with no problem so I guess I just got a clunker. Given my karma with cars and laptops, no surprise.

So here I am, doing my bit for the economic recovery by buying another device. They just emailed me that it's on its way. (Note correct usage of it's and its. Am I smart or what?).

The end. (There is no moral to this story).


Anonymous said...

"All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again." Ecc. 3:20


NoThey'reThere said...

Congratulations on your dominion over its and it's.
When and went--a Lenten challenge.

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