Sunday, February 19, 2012

Games cardinals play

The UN is apparently trying to get African nations to enact gay-friendly laws and stop killing them. Gee, who to dislike more? The UN or the barbarians of Africa?

An African Catholic cardinal is upset
“African bishops must react” to such a move, the Guinean cardinal told me, adding: “This is not our culture. It’s against our faith.” He said that it is “not possible to impose on the poor this kind of European mentality.”
They are perfectly free to react, of course. And I have to respect the argument about culture, be it accurate or not...but only if I can do the same. That little special pleading about "imposing on the poor"...huh? WTF has that got to do with it? Is there gonna be a homo tax? And of course, when a Personne de Couleur says "European mentality", everyone must genuflect and repent.

Next time I react against an African mentality being imposed on poor me in my culture, I'll be sure to reference His Eminence.

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