Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Final transgression of the day

My commentor on the previous post mentioned Zizek's Zigan problem: gypsies, or as the PC term now is, Roma people.

I did some googling and found that every article about them treats them as faultless victims of groundless European hatred and discrimination. We even have a thing now called antiziganism, a form of racism, which means you don't like them.

In the comments boxes you get unfiltered European popular opinion sometimes. But otherwise it is entirely cast in the discourse of racism, discrimination and bigotry. Sarkozy evidently threw them out of France recently for no good reason at all.

Apparently the uniformly negative  reaction of people to their Roma neighbors for the last 700 years, wherever they are found, from England to Turkey and beyond, has nothing whatever to do with the behavior of the Roma themselves. That, apparently, is unthinkable.


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