Thursday, June 27, 2013

Update on murder

but still no picture.

Like the President's middle name, this murderer's middle name conveniently dropped out of sight shortly after the crime happened. More gruesome info, within a standard We Failed Him narrative, about Moses Alfredo Kamin, who slaughtered the adoptive parents who, in hindsight, foolishly thought they could overcome his structural defects.

Still no photo of him, even though he's convicted and in for 25 years to life.

Were it not for the worse consequences of such a law and practice, the female who birthed him should have been sterilized.

And of course no mention is made at all of the racial difference between the boy and the two people who adopted him. It is amazing to me how race is simultaneously the most obsessively important and taboo-laden issue in our culture and yet can, indeed must, be blithely denied and ignored when the good intentions of the high-minded are involved or the PR for the Sacred Victim Minority might not match the required standards.



Anonymous said...

Was that B under a pseudonym who invited you over last night? If so, I'm glad he invited you over for some comfort and distraction. What's his take on the judges' decision? Happy? Resigned? Angry? Neutral?

I'm most upset with the fact that it basically means that all the referendums, elections, campaigns and initiatives are meaningless, because the will of five individuals who, once they are selected by one person and approved by just over 500 others, reign supreme and can validate or strike down any law or opinion they want as long as they make even a passing reference to a 240-odd year old peace of paper. And they can suffer no meaningful reprisal outside of mean names. And conservatives and libertarians bow and accept the "constitutionality" of whatever the court decides.

Let's face it. We aren't a representative republic anymore. We are a judiocracy. And no one seems to care.

I think I'm going to try and stop being so much of a Hades and be more of a Hermes- or maybe even a Dionysus. Please tell Mr. B that your protege wants to know how an Enneagram Seven stays happy. I imagine romance and sex feature quite prominently in that program.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

It was indeed Mr B making the offer. Since we are spending this aft and evening together, I declined.

I am pretty sure he does not care about the Prop 8 thing one way or the other.

And, yes, the judges set aside legislation at their whim, it seems.

His recipe for happiness: spend more time doing what you like than doing what you don't, and more time with people that you like than people that you don't. And enjoy every step of the way; nothing's too small to enjoy. And don't apologize for it.

Anonymous said...

A wise man. When the dust settles from the eventual collapse of civilization, the two of you could do a good cop/bad cop guru thing. You the one who asks bizarre riddles and slaps students when they give answer without hours of meditation. B can be the kindly feel-good one who gives everyone a lollipop after you slap them. Seems about right. :)

I imagine not getting your jock in a twist about things outside of your control is also important for happiness.


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