Sunday, June 30, 2013


Greg Johnson opines that unless sex is procreative, it's just recreational.

The images, inspired by the Genesis story of Jacob wrestling with the angel, show that it can also be revelatory, epiphanic.

Today is Gay Pride Day in San Francisco. (Shouldn't it really be LGBTQQA Pride Day?). People sometimes ask about the pride thing. Why should you be proud of something you were just born with? Well, that's not really the point. Like "Black Pride" --the original contrarian pride, I think--, it is just a strong way of denying shame, of saying, Despite what I've been told, I am not ashamed of who I am.

Like these folks. (Great song. Great band.)



Anonymous said...

I've never been strongly drawn to gay pride. Maybe because of my problems with "gay" its subversion of masculinity, and my aversion to communal activity. I acknowledge that self-affirmation is better than self-loathing, but sometimes, the homo doth protest too much, methinks. I have greater respect for the man who crosses his arms, shrugs his shoulders and says, "This is who I am and I'm not sorry about it" rather than the man who says, "Look at me, I'm gay and fabulous and loving it!" The former is simple honesty, the latter is excess that might just be covering doubt.

Your links to earlier essays about the nature of homosexuality is rather serendipitous. Last night, I had a rather vivid dream that I lost my virginity in the passive position. The room was completely dark, but my partner's presence seemed so real, guiding me to the bed, whispered encouragements and kisses on the back of my neck urging me on. The trepidation, the brief moments of pain, the final surrender, the pleasure, the ecstasy of release, and then the incredible moment when I rolled over and said to him, I suspect a composite of the men I've had feelings for, "You're a god" before awaking and sadly realizing it had all been a dream. Above all, I was struck by the rightness of it, how natural and good it felt. If this is what I'm in store for, I anxiously await the day it becomes reality!


LPH said...

I agree with that !

The microcosm of such movements as LGBT are NOT representative of homosexuals and further give a real bad image of who we are.
They always want more, more than most of homos do actually.
There's no need to be proud of something, let's live our lives truly, honestly and cross our arms in front of someone who does not agree saying "so what?"
LPH a French homo (and not gay I hate what this word represents)

Anonymous said...

Bonjour, LPH! Nice to meet another man who has rejected the label of "gay." I personally use the term "androphile," Greek for "man lover." Your use of homo has a similar effect, but you get the bonus of "homo" being the Latin word for man. If pride means living without shame, I agree. but if pride means loudly proclaiming I am happy and demanding things, I don't want that.

I was surprised by the vocal opposition in France to the legalization of same-sex marriage. Many of the people had the same position as me, that homos and lesbians should come up with their own thing and not drastically change what marriage is. I also heard there was a linguistic aspect to it because of how well-controlled the vocabulary of the French language is? I would love to hear your input on how it went.

From America to France, from one member of the silent clan of men who love their fellow men to another, au revoir!


LPH said...

Bonjour Sean et merci ;)
Well, you're right again, I like the term "androphile" and you've just pointed a fact: the gay way of life is not representative of the "silent clan of men who love their fellow men".
Though, as homos, we are a minority in the society but the silent ones are a majority, that's why I consider "gays" as a microcosm among homosexuals or androphiles.

As to the French same sexe marriage law, the truth is that people do not care about that here. The problem with this government is that they've put it as a priority before unemployement and welfare. Furthermore the French population was not against the marriage in itself but doubtful regarding chlidren and the rights to adopt, that was the point.

Personnally, I was against this law for that reason. Isn't it a little bit selfish to think "I'm gay and I want a kid"? What about the will of the child? What about other's reaction in school? What about his true, biological parents? There are so many question considering the rights of children but nobody cared in the government pushed by LGBT and other gay lobbies. It's a real shame!

Now, the same parisian groups are asking for the AMP (Assisted Medical Procreation)! Where do the society go?

Worse: if you dare saying that to one of those crazy gays, they say that you're homophobic, that's make me laugh, this is so ridiculous. I call them the "gay integrists".

I hope I've answered to your question, take care. Bises,


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