Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BusHitler vs The Great and Powerful O

During a very mediocre scifi movie from 2001, Adrian Paul --one of God's finer creations-- is bantering with girlfriend/scientist Amanda Topping about how the artificial black hole will destroy the earth. When she points out that it would surface in Texas and swallow it up, Paul responds, "Texas? Bush country. No great loss."

Out of nowhere. Droll, no?

Imagine a similar scene with the black hole aimed at Chicago, and Paul says, "Chicago? Obama country. No great loss."

Well, the scandal...the gross racism, the privileged insensitivity, the rank disrespect for the high office of President, --after all, you didn't produce that movie by yourself!--the insult to the people of the great city of Chicago...

Tell me I'm wrong.




Anonymous said...

Things may be swinging the other way. For the first time since he was elected, Obama has higher disapproval ratings than he does approval ratings. Germans were literally calling him the second coming of the East German secret police. Obama's meteoric rise seems only mirrored by his catastrophic fall. Who knows, maybe in a couple years it will be acceptable to conjure Obama as a specter to explain all the ills of the country and the world. It may actually be true, that time.


Anonymous said...

Just watched Elbert Guillory's take down of liberalism. Hearing it from a black man is refreshing. I don't expect blacks to become a Republican voting block, let alone a conservative one, it's nice to know that there are some blacks who are waking up and realizing they're still on the plantation, in some respects.


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