Monday, June 10, 2013

Female dishonesty

Re-watching a 1988 film, The Presidio, with Mark Harmon and Sean Connery and Meg Ryan. A good flick.

But Ms Ryan's character pulls one of the classic female dishonesty moves. She decided to compensate for her childish, cowardly and manipulative behavior by verbally attacking her father, pouring out a barrage of resentments, disappointments, accusations, insults, all the while following him at close quarters through their house, from room to room, pressing him as he attempts to move away from her, asking her to stop talking. When she finally makes the intolerable remark, the one that she knows will cut to his heart, he swivels around and raises his hand as if to hit her.

He holds back, but then her face caves, as if betrayed, with shock and accusation in her eyes. As if he has done something unspeakable. Suddenly he is the criminal.

She provoked and provoked and provoked him. When he reacted, not striking her, but showing the desire to, she blamed him, as if he had smacked a child all unprovoked.

And he, stupid fool, accepted the unspoken accusation and crumpled, horrified at what he wanted to do.

(When she clearly deserved a good smack across the mouth.)

I suspect more than one man who has been hauled off to jail as a "domestic abuser" was driven to it by this kind of female behavior. Women like to think that as long as they don't strike a man...and hell, even if they do...then they are blameless for any violent pushback they receive, the innocent victims of male abuse.

Eve was the first of her sex to deny responsibility for what she had done, but not the last.


Anonymous said...

Glad I'll never have to put up with that. As hard as finding a good man may be, finding a good woman may be even more difficult nowadays. At least a lot of men are at least somewhat honest.

In a similar vein, I've heard men in the military say that many sexual harassment charges stem from women having a problem with the perfectly reasonable orders their male superiors give them, and so they dishonestly avoid confrontation and slap them with a sexual harassment charge. Now you know why the military dismisses a lot of these charges.

P.S. Connery apparently has no problem with smacking women in real life, especially if he has "given the final word," and she ignores him. A better actor than I thought, in light of this movie.


Anonymous said...

While I don't think that men should have license to strike a woman, except under perhaps a couple of circumstances, the idea that men can hit women is the logical conclusion of feminism's demand for gender equality, even if it is a scam. Feminists seethe at polite treatment like holding doors and such, and demand to be treated "like a man." But being held to the the same standards of speech is out of the question. Statements that would get another man slugged or a man slapped by a woman must be endured without response. If a woman is a man in combat, why isn't a woman a man in speech?

A woman aggressively getting in a man's face should expect to get shoved back. But slapping a woman is still taboo to me.


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