Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nice day for a White wedding

You may find the White Nationalism uncomfortable, but Greg Johnson has a lot of very sensible things to say about gay marriage and sex and marriage in general.

The Paul VI of the White Right :)

Happy Pride Day!

A good point along the way:

for if integrity to one’s values is the highest value, in the end, it will be one’s only value. For the easiest way to insure perfect integrity and to make hypocrisy impossible is to value nothing but being oneself at the present moment, i.e., to collapse any difference between the real and the ideal, to affirm that whatever happens to be real at any given moment is the ideal. In short, the only way to always practice what one preaches is to preach nothing but one practices. And that boils down to doing whatever one feels like from moment to moment, a kind of groundless self-affirmation which is pretty much the moral and cultural dead end toward which liberalism is leading.



Anonymous said...

I am still leery of White Nationalism, the real and imagined echoes of Nazism detract me, but the essential neutrality on homosexuality form this writer is surprising. I fully agree with his suggestion of eliminating no-fault divorce. This actually has a great measure of support from my generation, who have had to suffer the consequences of their parents' selfishness.

In a perfect society, homosexuals would act as custodians of gender culture, androphiles preserving and promoting maleness and gynophiles preserving and promoting femaleness, providing examples of right conduct to their nieces and nephews, and being more productive in work because they do not have the duty of raising children. I have no problem with homosexuality being viewed as suboptimal, but as long as homosexuals are viewed as contributing to society, I would be happy.

The fact that so many religious people regard it as a sin, and often tantamount to an unforgivable sin (which, ironically, is heresy, if these people say that God's mercy is infinite) is problematic. The best I can hope for is the anxiety of my family members as they fear that I am damning myself to hell.

But strangely, I see homosexuality achieving a measure of religious utility in paganism, particularly paganism with a Celtic influence. Records suggest that homosexuality was quite prevalent in Celtic societies: warriors frequently had group sex, and viewed rejection of sexual offers as a grave insult. There was even a ceremony of men sucking each other's nipples to swear loyalty! Records suggest that kings would have occasions where retainers and lords would perform this ceremony en masse, acquiring an orgy-like quality.

If I could keep from laughing, neopaganism would actually have great appeal to me. It's focus on archetype is nice. If only it wasn't so female-dominant.


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with Johnson on abortion being wrong. I would rather see condoms and birth control made readily available, if he is concerned about demographics. The Left no longer supports abortion as a tragic necessity, but as a right that shall suffer no restriction. I see in its supporters, especially the females, such a veneration of the power to destroy one's one offspring and rejection of their natural role and gifts as to make Lady Macbeth a paragon of womanhood.

If these people had lived in medieval Europe, every one of them would've been put to the sword or burned at the stake. The closest they got was the Cathars, and look how well that ended for them. I'm not saying pro-abortionists should be killed, but something about their fanaticism, and the fact that many think infanticide to 2 years of age is perfectly reasonable, fills me with such a visceral horror that I have no choice but to call it evil. What other words besides synonyms suffice when women call their own children lifeless masses of cells, parasites, and liken them to fecal matter?


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