Thursday, June 13, 2013

Veddy interesting

We all know about the contested lands of the Middle East, Israel and the Palestinians.

I decided to see how good my geographical memory is and tried to fill in the names of all the countries of Asia on a blank map. I did well. I only missed three of the Stans: Kyrgyz, Turkmeni and Tashiki.

I kept looking for Tibet.

When I opened up the search for political maps which show country names, after several passes, I realize that Tibet is gone.

Not on the map anymore.

You have to admire the Chinese. And I do. I wish we were a lot more like them, we pussified Westerners with our human rights and blah blah blah. Their single-mindedness and utter unwillingness to apologize or take criticism is evident to everyone.

They took Tibet and now every just accepts it.

But the Israeli-Arab thing. Because it's the noble West which is the enemy, that will go on til the Messiah comes.


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