Monday, June 24, 2013

Completely UnPC Gold

The Lost City (1935), a series about, well, I'll let Wikipedia tell it.

Saturday afternoon series show in the movie theatres. They even had things like this when I was a kid.

Kane Richmond stars. Damn, what a fine lookin' fella. He was later Lamont Cranston, The Shadow, revived well by Alec Baldwin in 1994, prior to his decomposition.



Anonymous said...

Men today may be better built than the men of yesteryear, but old-time men have a big appeal to me. Is it the fact that they didn't preen over their appearance like women? That their self-worth was not determined by how much their abdominals pop? Don't get me wrong, washboard abs do it for me as much as any man, but men of the olden days just had this spartan attitude about their bodies. More building, less sculpting, as it were.


DrAndroSF said...

I think it's Jack Donovan who points out the difference between attractive muscle and useful muscle. A male body made beautiful for the sake of being attractive, but without an attendant skill, such as fighting or athletics, etc. is of a somewhat different order than a male body becoming attractive (if less sculpted, etc.) through or for a work or a masculine skill.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall reading something like that on Jack's blog a while back. Hence why a line backer would probably have a better chance with me than a model. Speaking of which, need to talk to the guys at my gym about wiping out the last of my spare tire. I'm not gonna get washboards, mind you, but I'll be plenty solid by the time they're done with me. :)

Was it him or somebody else I read who quipped that something was similar to "gay men avoiding squats in the gym like the plague"? Sounds like Jack's typically anti-gay community tone, but it may have been one of the Catholic blogs I read.


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