Friday, June 21, 2013

White Privilege?

Paula Deen's Second Apology for N-Word: "I've Pulled Myself Together" -

If you want to know the real status of the races in America, here is another example.

People of Color...when does any one of them ever apologize to Whites for anything offensive they say about us?

And here it is even clearer. She has to grovel for using a word that they use all the time in speech and song. It is an exercise of dominance and privilege, to say the word in front of us that any of us will lose our jobs for using.

Every time a White does this routine, she or he tightens up the moral order in which we are eternally guilty.

We are the old and dying rich uncle Sam, unloved and resented by the greedy offspring, just waiting for us to pass on.

Whites: The Most Foolish People On The Planet.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't buy it. The story broke in the National Inquirer, hardly an unbiased source. A hit job on a visible symbol of Southern wholesomeness, and the old fool has caved.

I hate how quickly some conservatives are condemning her, but some are pointing out the fact that liberals have made similar comments, and as you said, blacks use the n-word in front of white people all the time.

Hypocrisy, cowardice, and stupidity. Three traits I have no time for.


Anonymous said...

Ex, need your advice on this one. Last night, I ran into a guy I had a very brief thing with back in my senior year of high school. Somehow, we picked up like we had never stopped, and realized that we were still attracted to each other. Before I knew it, I had proposed, and he had agreed to, a friends-with-benefits relationship. Kissing, masturbation, oral, frotting, but no anal. I'm partly excited to have physical and erotic contact contact with another guy again, but I'm also a little angry with myself that I can't "hold out" for a more traditional relationship. Then again, I am not ruling out the possibility that this could lead to something more.

Our first tryst will probably be tomorrow. Do you think I should back out and wait for a more substantial relationship with a more gradual buildup, or should I go ahead? He is medically clean, and he was the only person I ever had contact with, so no problems in the medical department. What do you think should be my next move?


DrAndroSF said...

There are no risk free relationships, no matter what you call them.

The likelihood of you finding a "more traditional" relationship, especially right out of the gate, is low.

So unless you intend to make that your bottom line, different kinds of connections with men are gonna be what you're dealing with until then.

Don't underestimate the power of sex to turn into something more, for one of you, anyway. So be careful with your feelings.

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