Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yes, Virginia

BBC News - Pope Francis 'confirms Vatican gay lobby and corruption':

I read a transcript --unofficial-- of the whole meeting. Does not make me like the man any more.

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Anonymous said...

When I heard the rumors, it seemed reasonable to me. I liked Benedict, as much as a hardline German philosopher as he was. I did not take the news of his abdication well. The beginning of the end, for me. I was obviously young when JPII died, his accomplishments were too removed for me to have any emotional impact. In many ways, Benedict was my pope. I really wanted to like Francis, even lambasted a few fundamentalist Latin Massers who talking about schism.

But even though I know Francis is orthodox, and he is, he even went so far as to call gay marriage "a creation of the Father of lies," he seems soft to me. There's reluctance, and then there's foolishness. He's only feeding the left's calls for demystifying the Church. The only consolation is that the Orthodox really seem to want talks with him. Would be nice to see the Catholic Orthodox Church that Charlemagne was a member of restored.


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