Friday, June 21, 2013

Spring Cleaning

It's Summer now. But I managed to get my sorta annual kitchen floor refinishing done under the wire on Tuesday. It only looks terrific when compared to the sad state it was in before I re-did it. That I will not put up on the net.

Watching show about daily life in Elizabethan England, there's an incredible gap between this very modest old kitchen and what even royal kitchens were capable of then: running water at hand and on demand, both cold and hot. Refrigeration and freezing. Canned food. Spices only the aristocracy could afford, in plastic jars. An oven and stove with cheap, clean, always-available and easily adjustable (and predictable) heat. A microwave and a toaster. Bright light through clear glass windows with adjustable blinds. Electric lighting when needed. And a (portable) electric dishwasher.

To an Elizabethan farmer or even townsman, all this would be as amazing as the Replicator on board the USS Enterprise. We take so much for granted.

(There's blue tape over the back door because a gay carpenter and his assistant are making extensive repairs to the highly rotted wood of the two story back deck stairs.)


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, a gay carpenter. The jokes tell themselves. Is he at least handsome? And is "assistant" the phrase they're using nowadays? :)

Well, when he's done with your door, ask him how he would feel about moving to the East Coast, there's a nice small government conservative boy out here who's looking for a good man. ;)


OreamnosAmericanus said...

He's already taken. But he likes younger men, if his current 20 year old bolts on him, I'll let him know...Do you like 40 year olds?

Anonymous said...

Actually, yes. I don't have a single type that I fixate on. Stocky, beefy, buff, ripped, lean, even a little chubby, young, mature, older, hairy, smooth, blonde, dark-haired. The one type that I go absolutely gaga over is gingers. That's something we have in common, judging from your posts. ;)

That's the awesome thing about men: multitudinous definitions and standards of masculine beauty and perfection. Proof of God: nature by itself would have just one standard of male attractiveness. He likes variety.

I do like older men, though. Mostly because my only access to images of maleness growing up were men who were older than me. Older men have always struck me as more emotionally put together than men my age. Alpha/beta is easier to establish with an age and experience gap. The erastes-eromenos dynamic again. So yes, if things go south with his boy, give him a heads up, and tell him I like blue-collar fellas.



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