Friday, January 25, 2013

Oakland Teen gets 25 years to life for murdering adoptive parents

Oakland: Teen gets 25 years to life for murdering adoptive parents:

This year old case intrigued me and now it's come to its conclusion.

Though tried as an adult and now sentenced, no picture of Moses Alfredo Kamin is yet online. I wonder why...

... prosecutor Stacie Pettigrew said Kamin had "a murderous state of mind" before he killed his adoptive parents and had written in his diary about his fantasy of killing his mother with a sharp knife and about slicing out her intestines and forcing her to eat them before she died.

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Unknown said...

thought you might find this interesting:

"I have a sneaking suspicion that the emotion driven, reason challenged, frenzy in the media about gun control has something to do with decades of systematic work in academia to emasculate boys and men"

OreamnosAmericanus said...

War on boys. I spent 2 years interning in local middle schools in the 90's. Hugely dominated by females, and females with attitude. The levels of drugging of boys with "ADD" or something seemed to me an attack on young males.

I agree fully that gun control is part of an attack on male power, which always, on planet Earth, includes male violence.

Leah said...

Pity CA gave up on the death penalty.

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