Saturday, January 19, 2013

East Coast images

Out here on the east end of the North Fork, it's bright, windy and friggin cold. Ex Cathedra is blogging from one of the buildings below:

Whilst in Manhattan, I passed The Philip Berley Pre-School of the Arts. Really. Not The Onion.

Intrigued by this uberNewYorkness, I checked the website. Little White children only. Seemed very unPC. But the above mentioned academy for abstract-painting toddlers is a Jewish school. Even more uberNewYorkness.

I no longer feel at home in NY. It's full of Third Worlders, both native and foreign. Infested with this kind of stuff:

Not interested in eating meat that was sacrificed to Allah, facing Mecca.

The parish church of my childhood is now largely Haitian. Half a mile down the street is now a mosque. They had to close the parish school because the parents wouldn't pay tuition. They rented it out to a private academy named after St Martin De Porres.

This school closed and merged with another one after one of its "special needs" girls of 13 was gang-raped under a desk, in class, with a teacher in the room, by other "special needs" boys from "socio-economically challenged" families...

The Camp of the Saints.


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