Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Halal Rose of Texas

A lack of Muslim foster parents in North Texas means local Muslim children are almost always placed with families of other faiths, putting them in an unfamiliar cultural and religious environment and making a difficult process even harder. 
A Richland Hills clinic doesn’t want foster children to face added stresses, like being served bacon when their religion forbids pork, or saying prayers in a bedroom with a cross on the wall. That’s why the Muslim Community Center for Human Services is offering up a challenge to local Muslims: Step up. Become a foster parent.

Of course Ex Cathedra's deeply dim view of Islam leads him to ask, Why the hell are there Muslims in North Texas to begin with? 

And shouldn't little Mohammedans get to benefit from the cultural and religious diversity that the rest of us are supposed to find so enriching?


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